Two Months

It’s been 2 months since I started posting comics on this site!

In honor of this insignificant milestone here’s a comic I drew a while back that literally makes no sense what so ever:

test one panel comic

I was testing out how the art would look in the single panel-template I had created in Photoshop, so I just drew some random stuff.

Unfortunately I still think this is the funniest comic I’ve ever drawn.

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading my comics so far!




Welcome to my new webcomic page:  MIKROCOMICS.COM

pajama man

        I like drawing tiny, short comics, thus the name of the site. I’ll be posting new comics 2-3 times a week if all goes according to plan. MWF maybe? I dont know, we’ll see. Most of the comics I’ll post will be in color and either single panel or multi-panel (4-6ish). I just started so there’s not a lot in the archive, but I put up some little comics I did a while back for http://www.cpluscomedy.com so feel free to check those out if you haven’t seen ‘em. Also check out http://www.cpluscomedy.com while you’re at it. My boy Chad White runs the ship over there, and I’ll occasionally do a thing there as well. But Mikro Comics is where I’ll comic my comicy comics from now on, so again, welcome.





I’ve been on a “drawing with the computer mouse” kick lately, and have produced some weird sketches with that method. They look a little Brad Neely-esque to me, but that’s how I’ve been drawing lately. I tend to just absorb whatever comic style I saw most recently. Because I am a hack.


pirate in suit   creepy blond man

I don’t really know if that’s a pirate who was forced to become an accountant or an accountant who wants to be a pirate. Anyways, I don’t want to clog up the comic archive with non-comics, so for the future, any random doodle or drawing I do I’ll probably just post down here.